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Pottery courses in Devon

weekend pottery workshops

Come to sunny Ogwell in Devon for an unforgettable weekend pottery workshop experience focused all around clay, but with so much more.

We aim to combine a variety aspects of this wide field. 

Our core aim is to start to master the art of throwing on the wheel but we will also have a go at hand building and sculpture alongside decoration, glazing and firing.

This is all mixed together with a healthy dose of mindfulness relaxation, cooking on the fire, and staying in a lovely shepherds hut.

working ‘on the wheel’…

Part of each day will be spent learning on the wheel.

Here you will be creating your own work. 

These will then take time to dry and then first fire prior to glazing and then refiring which again also takes more time. As a consequence, to finish your own work a 2 course or two weekend programme is needed.

Pottery in Devon Accommodation
Candle making pottery in Devon

what you will be doing…

Over the weekend your personal pottery studio is available 24/7 for you to put in as much practise as you like. The studio is bright an airy and you have two new Rohde professional wheels and a wide range of tools and stamps etc. at your disposal.

We will be exploring various decoration techniques and as part of your weekend workshop be glazing and firing some items using the raku kiln. Along with preparing some pots for an overnight pit firing.

Come and feel the joy of  just doing something new

Acquiring a little knowledge and starting a new skill to take wherever you want moving forward.
Come for a lovely fulfilling long weekend in sunny Ogwell, South Devon.

Together we will learn the basics of throwing on the wheel.
(As a consequence of the 1 on 1 tuition with most people I can have them ‘cracking it’ by first lunch.)

We will then also show you the science behind making the perfect eco friendly candle. 
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Pottery Workshop
Each experience is all inclusive for 2 people 


July 5th, 6th to 7th 2024 
July 12th, 13th to 14th 2024
July 26th, 27th to 28th 2024
August 2nd, 3rd to 4th 2024
August 16th, 17th to 18th 2024

Introduction to Throwing
Weekend course for 2 people

10am until 5pm
Includes Lunch
£350 (£175 each)

May 4th and 5th 2024
May 11th and 12th 2024
September 7th and 8th 2024
September 14th and 15th 2024

Clay Experience for 2 people

10AM until 5pm
Includes lunch
£350 (£175 each)

September 21st and 22nd 2024
September 28th and 29th 2024
October 5th and 6th 2024
October 12th and 13th 2024